What does SNC provide for Applebee’s?
  • SNC provides a Touch Tunes Jukebox and a Premium Sound Package. This benefits Applebee’s units with higher jukebox revenues and an increased guest experience connection. We correctly space 3-3 way ceiling tile speakers within the unit for optimum sound coverage for drop ceilings or 4 BOSE 301’s for open ceiling units. Both of which provide quality sound and an enjoyable guest experience!
  • SNC provides a Digital Interface switch to enable the pause of the unit’s house music when a jukebox selection is played. The house music then resumes after the played selections finish. The jukebox also has a background music feature that several Applebee's franchises have elected to use.
  • SNC will connect 1 bar TV per unit to the jukebox system, providing that each franchisee meets the license requirements for the audio portion of a televised broadcast. Sporting events then can be broadcast through the jukebox sound system. Your guest will make Applebee’s their #1 place to watch the Big Game!
  • SNC will apply filters to allow for certain genres/songs to be blocked and/or scheduled at specific times.
  • SNC will blend a hand crafted matching wooden back piece for the jukebox that will match your unit’s wood stain. The jukebox will elegantly fit in as if it were there from Day 1 of business.
  • Jukebox Remote replacements
  • All jukebox parts
What Will SNC Need to Know?
  • We will need to know the wood stain color for each unit, so that we can stain our wood color to match each unit’s wood stain.
  • We will need to discuss placement details with each area Facility Manager.
  • We are familiar with All unit layouts and we’ll be happy to assist with ideal jukebox placement.
  • We will need to discuss IP’s (DHCP or Static) with your IT department.
Does SNC Provide Marketing for the Jukebox?
  • TouchTunes has created a Bar Rewards program. Free credits and sweepstakes giveaways are given to the guest.
  • TouchTunes has created promotional cards. 5 Free Credits will be rewarded to the guest for downloading the TouchTunes app. The cards should only be given to the guests that do not currently have the app on their phone. These will be given to every unit during the jukebox installation.
  • Mobile app table tents will be given to each unit.
  • TouchTunes has created TouchTunesTV/UpShow. It is a dynamic messaging platform that allows you to display custom messages in your venue on everything from food and drink specials to upcoming events and more.

UPshow powers 7,000 screens across the U.S. and generates millions of social impressions/year, for venues just like yours

Driven by Amazon, Social TV drives your customers to share about your brand on social media while they are in your venue. Everyone loves to be seen on TV!


1. Snap
Guest shoots photo or video w/ smart phone

2. Share
We drive guests to post to social media using branded hashtags

3. Be on TV!
Guest is featured on TV, post trends on social media, and UPshow captures it all

An add-on feature called UPshield is available and it automatically shields your social display from featuring any inappropriate or profane content!


View More Details TouchTunes TV Video
Installation Info
Dimensions: Height 30.3” Width: 23.8” Depth: 9.5”

All Installations are performed in the morning before opening. The install is between 2-3 hrs. We create a schedule for all installations so each manager may expect our arrival date and time.

Wall Mount
Jukebox Dimensions: Height 30.3” Width: 23.8” Depth: 9.5”

Column Mount
Jukebox Dimensions: Height 30.3” Width: 23.8” Depth: 9.5”

With Ceiling Tiles
3-3 way ceiling tile speakers will be installed for Applebee’s with ceiling tiles

Open Ceiling Concepts
4 Bose 301 speakers will be installed for Applebee's with open ceiling concepts

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